Devizes - Bradford on Avon

Debbie & I drove to The Barge @ Seend with our bikes on the back of the car. We then cycled up Caen Hill flight in the rain to meet Julian & Tina on Slow Motion. Chris & Ali had arrived 10 minutes earlier. Julian and Tina are early starters and had left Devizes Marina about 6am. They started down the flight as soon as the gates were open at 7.50. They'd already done the first 5 locks of the flight. We made it to Bradford on Avon at about 6pm. I then had to cycle back to Seend to get my car.

Tina at the helm with Chris & Ali.

Tina at the helm with Chris & Ali. Debbie ready to do a lock.
Tina still at the helm with Chris & Ali.
Debbie taking it easy.
A pair of swans with cygnets.