Agnes Louisa STURGESS(1852-?)

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Agnes Louisa was the eldest daughter of Edward S. STURGESS & Charlotte. She was born in 1852 in Brighton [GRO: 1852 DecQr, Brighton, 2b 171].

She had an illegitimate son Edward Smith Waller STURGESS 4-Apr-1881 in Brighton [B-Cert].

She married William HILL in 1890 [GRO: 1890 JunQr, Brighton, 2b 464]

William & Agnes had 2 children:

Census: 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901

1861 Census

2 Ashton Street, Brighton, Sussex
Edward STURGESS, Head, 34(M), Tailor, born Brighton, Sussex
Charlotte STURGESS, Wife, 38(M), born Ninfield, Sussex
Agnes L. STURGESS, Daur, 8, Scholar, born Brighton, Sussex
William STURGESS, Son, 6(S), Tailor, born Brighton, Sussex
Sarah STURGESS, Daur, 4, Scholar, born Brighton, Sussex

1871 Census

54 Western Road, Brighton, Sussex
Henry POCOCK, Head, 78(M), Fishmonger, born Brighton, Sussex
Ann POCOCK, Wife, 70(M), born Stratford, Essex
Matilda POCOCK, Daur, 36(S), born Brighton, Sussex
Agnes STURGESS, Servant, 18(S), Domestic Servant, born Brighton, Sussex

1881 Census


1891 Census

Rosemount Cottage, Goosegreen, Harting, West Sussex
William HILL, Head, 56(M), Ag Lab, born West Harting, Sussex
Agnes HILL, Wife, 38(M), born Brighton, Sussex

1901 Census

Rosemount Cottage, Goosegreen, West Harting, Sussex
William HILL, Head, 66(M), Carter on Farm, born Harting, Sussex
Agnes HILL, Wife, 49(M), born Brighton, Sussex
Edward STURGESS, Stepson, 20(S), Cattleman on Farm, born Brighton, Sussex
Albert HILL, Son, 9, born West Harting, Sussex
Charlotte HILL, Daur, 6, born West Harting, Sussex

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