Edward Smith Waller STURGESS (1881-?)

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Edward STURGESS was born 04-Apr-1881 in Brighton [B-Cert], the illegitimate son of Agnes Louisa STURGESS.

In the 1901 Census he was shown as a Cattleman on a Farm living with his stepfather. Agnes had married William HILL by this time.

Edward married Alice Elizabeth HILL (no relation to William) on 31-Oct-1904.

Edward & Alice had 1 child:

Unfurtunately Alice HILL died in labour on 30-Oct-1905 [D-Cert].

Edward remarried.....

Census: 1881, 1891, 1901

Edward STURGESS with ??

1881 Census


1891 Census


1901 Census

Rosemount Cottage, Goosegreen, West Harting, Sussex
William HILL, Head, 66(M), Carter on Farm, born Harting, Sussex
Agnes HILL, Wife, 49(M), born Brighton, Sussex
Edward STURGESS, Stepson, 20(S), Cattleman on Farm, born Brighton, Sussex
Albert HILL, Son, 9, born West Harting, Sussex
Charlotte HILL, Daur, 6, born West Harting, Sussex

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