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As with all family history research I try to verify as many of the facts as possible. However, there are probably several assumptions and/or mistakes made. If you feel that there are errors or omissions then I would welcome your help. Some particular areas of concern are listed. Please e-mail me on Stephen Bashford, thank you. Please sign my guestbook.

I'm in the process of scanning old family photos and adding a page for them. I plan to produce a simple ancestor diagram for reference but that will have to wait.

Family Tree (& other research)

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My current interest in family history is following the ancestry of my mother's parents. My grandmother's maiden name was BLIGHT and my grandfather's name was CUMNER. I'm also researching CATT, HAZ(Z)ARD, HIGGIE, JUDGE, BETTERIDGE, BARNARD, LINEHAM who are also on my mother's side.

I have only just started on my father's side with names of BASHFORD, BAYLISS, COOK, STARKEY & WATTS.

On my wife's side the main names are BALL, BURGESS, HILL, MATTHEWS & STURGESS.

I am a member of a few family history societies:

I have exported my family tree and associated trees from Family Tree Maker and have made the information available here. This contains all of the names of people known to be related to me and some information of people with the same names not known to be related but have been found during research. Note that living people have had their details hidden.

I have added transcripts of various records used during my research.



The BALL family are from the Kingston Seymour area of Somerset. The earliest connection so far is Benjamin BALL b. 1840 who married Elizabeth ROE in 1872.



The BASHFORD family originated from Jersey in the Channel Islands. George W. BASHFORD b. 1834 was a photographer on the island. Before that they came from Ewell, Nutfield, Bletchingly in Surrey.



The BLIGHT family I have located so far comes from North Devon and can be found in many of the villages around the Torrington area including:

The earliest connection is a marriage in Holsworthy between Richard BLIGHT and Susan TREYBANSLETE on 18th Jan 1578/79



The BURGESS family early links are from the Hampshire village of Buriton, later from Harting in Sussex. The family has been traced back to John BURGESS b. 1783 in Buriton.



The CATT family comes from Kent and can be found in the following towns/villages:

The earliest connection is a marriage in Rolvenden between George CATT and Philadelphia JUDGE on 7th Apr 1795



My paternal grandfather Frank Henry COOK lived in Chevening in Kent. His father Frank Stanley COOK was a chauffeur who worked at Morant's Court. Frank Stanley COOK was married to Mary Ann Franklin BAYLISS in 1914.



My CUMNER family traced so far comes from Wiltshire/Berkshire area and can be found in:

My line stems from a marriage in Ogbourne St. George between John CUMNER and Mary WILLS on 20th Dec 1787.



The HILL family have been traced back to John HILL b. 1844 in Buriton, Hampshire.



My wife's maternal grandfather was Norman William MATTHEWS. Research is in the early stages at the moment but the family can be found in:

The earliest connection is a marriage of James MATTHEWS to Letitia BETTERBURY on 1st Dec 1798.


The STARKEY family have been traced back to High Ongar in Essex.


The WATTS family have been traced back to Norwich, Norfolk although they spent most of their time in Bungay, Suffolk.



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